How To Help Keep Your Cat Properly Hydrated? 8 Easy Ways For You!

Water is an essential component that makes up the organs in the cat’s body. They help transport nutrients to each cell, aiding in the elimination of toxins.

This is also necessary for transmitting nerve impulses, ensuring the smooth running of the cat’s activities. How to help keep your cat properly hydrated?

But cats often rarely drink water, but in fact, they need water. A healthy cat needs about 50ml to 60ml of fresh water per 2.2 pounds body weight.

So what should you do if the cat refuses to drink water or drinks very little water that is not safe for health?

I have successfully applied it and compiled it into this article, “How to help keep your cat properly hydrated?” I believe it will be helpful to you!

Do Cats Need To Drink A Lot Of Water?

How to help keep your cat properly hydrated

A healthy cat needs about 50ml to 60ml of fresh water per 2.2 pounds of body weight.

For example, my cat weighs 8.8 pounds. It needs at least 200ml of water per day to maintain its body. This is 2/3 of a can of coca cola, 1 cup of milk tea in size S. If you have a water bowl for your cat, it’s about the size of a medium-sized bowl.

However, there are also external factors that affect how much water your cat will drink daily, so you may want to consider how to help keep your cat properly hydrated:

  • Hot and cold weather
  • Food in the main meal of a dry or wet cat
  • Current health status: for example, when a cat is vomiting or has diarrhea, it will quickly dehydrate and need more water.
  • Age: Cats need to drink more water as they get older

Water Composition From Cat Foods

How to help keep your cat properly hydrated

  • Dry food: 10%
  • Wet food: 40-50%
  • Canned food: 75-85%
  • Vegetables, tubers, fruits: 50-70%

However, you need to be especially aware that, through food alone, cats cannot get enough water for the body’s metabolism.

Keep your cat properly hydrated by grain foods will cause inflammation of the kidneys and urinary tract if there is insufficient water.

Read on to learn how to help keep your cat properly hydrated!

Cats Refusing To Drink Water Or Drinking Little Water Is Very Dangerous

How to help keep your cat properly hydrated

Like humans, when a cat loses 10% of its body water, it can lead to serious illness, and a 15% water loss can be fatal.

Cats refusing to drink water are very dangerous. A healthy cat can only survive without water for up to 4 days, while a sick cat can only survive less than 2 days without water.

The cat’s refusal to drink water may be due to severe blood loss, shock, or heat stroke. And cats that drink little or don’t drink water for a long time will cause kidney disease, stomach pain, and even dental problems.

In the long run, it can cause harmful effects on the body.


  • Easy to get sunstroke
  • Kidney failure or kidney failure
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Diabetes
  • Fatty liver

How To Check If Your Cat Is Drinking Enough Water?

How to help keep your cat properly hydrated

To know if your cat is dehydrated, you can check through the following ways:

Test Skin Elasticity

Let’s gently take 2 fingers to pull the skin on the back of the cat’s nape. When you release your finger, if the skin is elastic, it will return to its original state immediately. Your cat is not dehydrated.

Check Out The Sand Pot

Cats usually urinate 2 to 3 times a day, so check the litter box and notice the amount of dirty and lumpy areas due to urine, and also check that the lump size is normal.

Check Skin And Fur

Cats that drink enough water will have smooth skin and shiny fur without dry, easy hairs.

Signs That Your Cat Is Dehydrated

How to help keep your cat properly hydrated

When your cat is dehydrated, there are many signs that you can immediately recognize, such as:

  • Sunken, sunken eyes.
  • Loss of appetite, anorexia, anorexia.
  • Dry mouth, gums, and nose.
  • The drool is less and turns into a thick, sticky paste that sticks to the edges
  • Bored, tired. No strength to move
  • Increased heart rate, circulatory disorders, arrhythmias, low blood pressure
  • Reduced skin elasticity. Pulling the skin up the cat’s back does not return to its original position when you release your hand. The skin of the whole body is wrinkled.
  • Cats are dehydrated or panting.

Reasons Why Cats Refuse To Drink Water

How to help keep your cat properly hydrated

We need to determine the reason why the cat refuses to drink water so that we can come up with a solution to the “How to help keep your cat properly hydrated?” problem. According to research, I have divided into 2 main reasons for you to understand the following:

Due To Hobby

Some people find that the cat refuses to drink the water in the bowl specifically for it and fear that the cat will not drink the water.

But actually, this can give the disease “choosy” in cats. They may prefer to drink tap water, bathroom faucet water, sink water, etc., while their bowl is still full.

This may be due to the size of the water bowl, that cats don’t like. The bowl is too high or unstable, the bowl is too small for the cat to rub its whiskers against the side of the bowl, or the cat sees its shadow in the bowl and doesn’t like to drink.

If this is the case, you do not need to worry about your cat becoming dehydrated.

Cats Want Clean Water

Most cats are very fastidious, so they have a hard time changing food or drinking dirty water.

Food particles falling in the water bowl, feathers, or insects falling into the water bowl are why cats stay away from that water source.

How To Help Keep Your Cat Properly Hydrated?

How to help keep your cat properly hydrated

Drinking a lot of water every day is very good for the body of cats, but many cats do not like to drink water. This causes physical problems and increases the risk of urinary tract and other diseases.

I have a few tips on how to increase your cat’s water intake.

Feed Your Cat Pate Or Homemade Food, But Add Soup

How to help keep your cat properly hydrated

When cats refuse to drink water, grain foods that contain only about 10% moisture will have a worse effect on the cat’s body.

So you can change their main meal with pate containing up to 70% water to help smooth the digestive system and rehydrate their metabolism.

Or you can cook your own and add more water to the cat’s meal, but this is not very convenient because the cat will prefer the pate.

When making meat for cats, many prefer to steam it or put it directly in the microwave.

Steaming can best maintain the original flavor of the meat without sacrificing nutrition, while microwaves are fairly quick, but these won’t increase your cat’s water intake.

Cat owners should find a small saucepan of milk to cook their meat, add water each time, and then feed the cat both the soup and the meat. To be able to eat meat, the cats will use all their strength to drink water.

Here’s a way to increase their water intake.


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A little reminder: Some veterinarians recommend that if you want to increase your cat’s water intake, give them wet (canned) food.

The water content in canned food is much more complete than in granular food, but it should not be given to cats often. Because canned food contains many additives, giving it to children for a long time is not good.

Therefore, it is recommended that cat owners be responsible for cooking meat for their babies, and boiled chicken breast is also a very good choice.

Keep Plenty Of Water Around The House

How to help keep your cat properly hydrated

If your cat doesn’t like to drink from the bowl you prepared for him and you see him try to drink from the faucet. Don’t discourage him! You should put more water bowls of different shapes, sizes, and materials in other locations.

Cat intelligence to help find their preferences.

At this point, you also need to pay attention to where the cat likes to drink the most, where it drinks more, and remove the water bowl in other places.

If your cat likes clean water, don’t leave it open for your cat to drink because this is a waste.

You can use a cat sprayer (fountains or automatic cat sprinklers) to save this amount of water.

Combining toys and water bowls saves water, is fully automatic, and uses little electricity.

Nutrient Solution Mixed With Water

I give my cat a nutrient solution a few times weekly to increase nutrition and resistance.

Not mixing anything with water will give your cat a better feel and taste but will not increase your cat’s water intake.

So I recently mixed a nutrient solution with drinking water for the babies. Do not add water twice as much as the nutrient solution.

If too much water is mixed, the cat will no longer like to drink it.

Make The Water Fragrant And Taste Better

How to help keep your cat properly hydrated

Water is unchangeable, but we can add something to the water. I have a formula for cats.

I usually make it for my cat when it’s sick. A little powdered milk mixed with water can also make the water smell good. They will drink a lot.

But note that about 20ml at a time is enough. Cats will not drink much water at once, and drinking too much during the summer is not good.


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Give Your Cat Clean Water To Drink And Change The Water Daily

Cats are very clean, so change the water every day to avoid stains that make your cat uncomfortable and refuse to drink water.

In addition, currently, the amount of water used by many families often has a chlorine smell. This is also a reason for cats to refuse to drink water suddenly.

If this is the case, you should take the water out to dry in the sun for about 2 hours to evaporate the chlorine, then bottle it and put it in the refrigerator for the cat to drink gradually.

This will help improve the quality of the cat’s drinking water.

Use Catnip For Cats

Most cats enjoy catnip, and it is good for cats. If your cat likes mint, put a bowl of clean water in front of the cat, crush the catnip to taste, and drop it in the water, the cat will rush to drink it right away.


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Change The Taste And Nutrition Of Water

If the cat still refuses to drink a lot of water, you can change the cat’s taste and nutrition with the cat’s favorite broth, such as chicken or fish broth.

Then divide into trays and put in the freezer. You can add 1 ice cube to the cat’s water every day after changing the water.

If You Don’t Like Drinking Water, Then Fertilize It Directly

How to help keep your cat properly hydrated

For cats that don’t like to drink water, you may be forced to increase their water intake.

Give the cat water every few hours using a 5ml syringe with the needle removed. This can increase your cat’s water intake.

In the summer, ensure your cat drinks enough water so his body has no problems.

Can Human Drinks Be Given To Cats?

I will summarize the information below for you to understand:

Boiled And Cooled Water

This type of water has killed many bacteria and harmful substances, but at the same time, it also changed the natural structure of the water. This deprives the body of oxygen and some trace elements that are essential to the body.

Therefore, cooled boiled water is not the ideal drink for cats.

Mineral Water

Unfortunately, although mineral water provides the body with essential minerals, there are also salts and mixtures that the body of dogs and cats cannot use.

Mineral salts will concentrate on muscles and joints, causing deformation for a long time, reducing mobility/ And components in water can cause sediments, stones, kidney stones, urinary, etc., especially for dogs and old cats.

Carbonated Water, Soft Drinks

It may be a refreshment and human preference, but cats and dogs will not like these types of water because of the strange taste.

So what kind of water is suitable for cats and dogs?

The best water for dogs and cats is natural clean water, maybe rainwater or water from the water supply faucet, because there are not many dangerous microorganisms. They are not necessarily boiled like human drinking water.

How to help keep your cat properly hydrated


The phenomenon of dehydration in cats and dogs is an imbalance between water and electrolytes (minerals) in the body of dogs and cats. This can be life-threatening if not handled promptly.

Hopefully, the above ways to water your cat have been able to help you with more tips to care for your pet as well as “How to help keep your cat properly hydrated?“.

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